Before I had my child I never thought a piece of furniture could make me happier than my bed. I did not think I could appreciate any other piece of furniture in my life. However, I was very wrong. My life was turned upside down when my baby came home from the hospital as both my wife and I expected. Everyone tells you that having a child is the best time of your life, and while they are right, it is the most exhausting thing to do. We were so tired that every night when the monitor would go off because our baby was crying we would be so close to tears. My poor wife has not been able to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time. Well, the best thing to ever happen to us was a neighbor (probably awake from our crying baby) bought us a cradling swing.

I had looked into a cradling swing early on in the pregnancy, but realized we did not have the funds to do so. So when they dropped it off I almost cried (again still very deprived of sleep) and hugged them. I took it in and hooked up the Ingenuity Inlighten swing. Ironically this was the exact brand that I had looked into earlier. We wrapped our child in the blanket and turned on the swing. She remained asleep and even felt like someone was holding her. The swaddle never unraveled and the soft music kept her calm and peaceful for hours. Because of the cradling swing we began to sleep for a few more hours at a time, and eventually it was what allowed our child to sleep through the night and give us our first long sleep in weeks. This cradling swing was a lifesaver and I am so thankful we have it.

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