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The Exotic Charm of the Ubud Monkey Forest in Gianyar Bali

Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the tourist sites that is quite busy with tourists. This tourist spot is in Padangtegal Traditional Village. Enter the Ubud District area, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

The charm of the beauty of the Ubud Monkey Forest is indeed a shame to miss if you are on vacation to Bali. This 10-hectare tourist location presents a natural forest area with a religious atmosphere.

Then what are the attractions that tourists can get while in Ubud Monkey Forest, here are some things that you can find there.

Ubud Monkey Forest Attraction

There are a number of attractions that you should know about when you come to Ubud Monkey Forest. This is the attraction that you can enjoy there.

• Areas infested with apes
When you arrive at this location you will find hundreds of monkeys that do live and are protected there. With the support of forest areas and unspoiled nature, the behavior of this animal is indeed very interesting to watch.

• Sacred Areas
Not only that, Ubud Monkey Forest is also used as a sacred area. Therefore this area is often called the Wanara Wana Tourism Mandala, considering that the people of Padaltegal Traditional Village really respect all of these tourist areas. Inside there is also the Pura Dalam Agung belonging to three traditional villages.

• Location of Forest Conservation
If you want to find all kinds of plants, the Ubud Monkey Forest has collected at least 125 types of plants. A number of plants for the needs of traditional ceremonies also thrive in this area. Besides monkeys, there are at least 14 deer being bred in it.

• Complete Facilities
This location is not only used as an educational tourist destination, there are a number of complete facilities and services that visitors can enjoy. There is a large vehicle parking area, bathrooms, resting areas, food and beverage vendors and a number of other facilities.

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