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The top 5 treks in Ladakh

Ladakh, also known as “little Tibet,” is one of the most stunning locations in the Himalayas for trekking. Ladakh, which is tucked away in the far north of India, is conveniently reachable via a flight to the Leh airport, which is 3,500 meters above sea level in the Indus Valley. The majority of the treks in Ladakh cross passes that are more than 5,000 meters above sea level, and all of them are at high altitudes.

The top 5 treks in Ladakh are listed below. Prepare your bag, and let’s go!

1. Trek starting in Likir and ending in Lamayuru.

Lamayuru arrives.

A total of 8 days (or 4 in its short version until Khalse)

The short version’s maximum altitude is Tar La (5,250 m) and Sham La (4,069 m).

I completed the short version of the Sham Valley trek; it is a good way to acclimatize before beginning another trek or finishing in the village of Lamayuru, which is known for its Buddhist monastery. Each stage ends in a village, where nights can be spent in homestays. There are many encounters along the way.

2. Markha Valley Trek Departure: Relaxing

Hemis arrives.

7 days are involved.

highest point: Kongmaru la (5,150 m)

The Markha Valley Trek is regarded as one of the best treks in Ladakh and is situated in the Hemis National Park. Everybody should include it on their list of must-do Himalayan treks. The views of the surroundings in this valley are extraordinary. Additionally, bharals and snow leopards can be found in this area. The journey comes to an end at the base of the Hemis monastery. What else is there to ask for?

3. Trek from Rumtse through the Changtang region to Tso Moriri

Entry: Karzok

11 days (long version) minus 8 days (short version)

Maximum elevation: Yalong Niau (5,400 m) for the short version and Gyama La (5,830 m) for the long version

My first trek in Ladakh was still one of my favorite treks to this day. Changtang, a high-altitude region inhabited by the Changpa nomads, has valleys and mountains that are so enormous that the scenery begs for respect and humility.

Above 4,600 meters, the entire Changtang trek is completed in tents (except the departure from Rumtse at 4,100 m). The tents are erected close to the Changpa camps in the evening. The nomads invite us to share a cup of Tibetan tea under their canvas tent right away. What an awakening to civilization!

The three-day trek is challenging because it involves crossing a pass at 5,830 m, but it has the advantage of following Lake Tso Moriri from the south. anything at all!

4. Trek Lamayuru to Chilling Starting Point: Lamayuru

Arrival: Relaxation

5 days are involved.

highest point: Konzke la (4,900 m)

You must carry your tent and camping gear on this moderately challenging trek. Green valleys and rocky, arid mountains are interspersed. Again, lovely encounters with the semi-nomadic shepherds in the villages and even at altitude.

You can keep going from Chilling to Skyuvillage and the Markha Valley trek. You could even climb Kang Yatse peak, a formidable mountain that rises to a height of 6,200 m, if you had a few extra days.

5. Phyang departs for the Indus to Nubra trek

Entrance: Hundar

a total of six days

The highest point is Lasermo La. (5,560 m)

I passed through the Nubra Valley in northern Ladakh on my most recent trip to the Indian Himalayas, but I was on a discovery mission. So, yes, I would like to return, but this time on a trek.

From the village of Phyang in the Indus Valley to the Nubra Valley and the village of Hundar, there is a little-traveled 6-day trek. The Lasermo la (5,560 m), which is to be crossed on the third day, must be crossed in the direction indicated, so it is crucial to be properly acclimatized.

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